Our Programmes

Rainbow Cultural Garden is a fully comprehensive educational model that can be maintained from birth to adulthood as a full-time, school or extra-curricular programme. Around the world, we have Day Cares, Nurseries, Kindergartens and Elementary Schools, as well as private clients with part-time or fully personalised educational programmes for their families.

However, perhaps the jewel in our crown and our most valuable service is our programme aimed at children aged 0-3 years old. During this time, when the brain is at its most exuberant period, affection, attention and stimulation from loving caregivers from a multitude of cultural backgrounds help lay the optimal physical, emotional and intellectual foundations for later learning and life.

No matter what the format, each child’s educational journey is personally tailored to them, carefully followed and modified throughout their time with us.

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“Our children were in Rainbow for the first and most important years of their lives. As a result, their ability to problem solve and think outside the box is astounding. Our eldest child is now eleven and people comment regularly that his analytical skills are far beyond that of his age. We have since learned that when a child makes connections between multiple languages, they are able to carry these connections into other areas of their lives, namely mathematics and problem solving. Our children also seem to have an incredible ability to empathise - something their teachers noted in reports when they went to school. This is undoubtedly due to their time in Rainbow, and the loving multi-cultural relationships they built there. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to have our children in this programme."

Kim & Ryan Constable, Belfast, Northern Ireland