“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

Albert Einstein


We have a wonderful team of carefully sourced and highly trained child development specialists. Our multicultural team includes caregivers with a diversity of ages, backgrounds, approaches, interests and expertise – all with an expressed passion and vocation for working with children. Every child development specialist undergoes an Enhanced DBS check before working with us and is Pediatric First Aid Certified.


Sara Bronfman


“Hello! My name is Sara and I am half English and half American. Since I first heard about Rainbow Cultural Garden, I knew it was how I would educate my children. At the time I was still single, so I gave scholarships to other people’s children instead! I was brought up all over the world and exposed to many different cultures, which I came to understand in my adult years, was an incredible privilege, and one that gave me a unique perspective and skill set that many of my peers didn’t have. While my formal education was the best of what England had to offer – I went to Wycombe Abbey – my home and extra-curricular education was what I believe gave me the values I hold most dear today: Joy, Compassion and Self-Esteem – the values embodied by Rainbow’s unique curriculum. Like our Rainbow children, but to a far lesser degree, I was exposed to loving role models from a multitude of cultures and backgrounds, and today I feel myself to be a citizen of the world. This perspective – feeling a sense of solidarity with all people – is one I believe our world desperately needs. I am honoured to be a part of the Rainbow Cultural Garden family and to have the privilege of spearheading our programmes here in the UK.”


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Edith Alcaino

Programme Director

“Los niños son el recurso más importante del mundo y la esperanza para un futuro mejor”


“Hello, my name is Edith Alejandra, I am 35 years old and was born in Santiago, Chile’s capital city. I am the older sister of a small but beautiful family. I can say with pleasure that I had a precious childhood surrounded by nature, with a huge garden and many pets, and fruit trees – but most of all, with a large, loving family.

When I was twelve, I started playing volleyball, which soon became one of my great passions. My love of this sport helped me build character and instilled in me values such as friendship, perseverance, teamwork and most importantly, to do everything with passion!

After school I studied nursing, with a specialisation in pregnancy and maternity. This is where I discovered my love for babies and children, and my vocation in life.

I moved to New York with my family in 2011 where I studied English, and worked with children in anyway I could. In 2013, my life changed when I had the opportunity to start my career at the Rainbow Cultural Garden. Through this experience I have grown a lot and become a better human being, enjoying every moment. This journey has brought me to London, where I am now the Programme Director. In this position, I get to work with children and their families as well as our wonderful team of caregivers. For me, to see the world through the eyes of a child, is the most incredible, wonderful gift!”


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Makkaida Vischon


Hello, my name is Makkaida and I’m from Canada! I come from a French Canadian/American bilingual background… a North American twist. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled across the globe with my family and create beautiful experiences with so many people and cultures. I love the arts, creativity, learning and personal development. I also love children and am passionate about them having the best foundation to flourish in life. I feel so lucky to have found a way to apply my professional back ground and skill set to what is really, for me, a “passion project!”


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“I have worked with Rainbow for more than a year now and was amazed to see that children can learn so many languages with so much ease. They are not confused as they switch in between languages while talking to different MDSs. To be honest, the children I work with, speak better Hindi than the children brought up in Hindi speaking Indian families. Besides, they have an extraordinary sensitivity and are way more loving!”

Karima Jaria, Hindi MDS, London, England